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Give Them a Reason to Recommend You

Admit it: you like being right don’t you? It’s human nature. A by-product of wanting to be right is something called the observer-expectancy effect. This is often referred to as observer bias. In essence, it means that we have a tendency to see what we expect to see, or what we want to see.

We all like to think we’re pragmatic, reasoned individuals who look at all the facts before making a balanced decision. Sadly that’s not true. What really happens is we make decisions immediately and emotionally, and then gather information to justify that decision.

What’s all this got to do with the funny cartoon? Although most people claim to hate dentists, YOUR patients like YOU! How do I know that? Because they keep coming back. And not only do they like you, they’re actively looking for reasons to like you. And why is that? Because they like being right. They’re just as afflicted with observer bias as everyone else. Every patient coming back to see you is desperately looking for information to justify that decision.

Your Patients Need Tools

But it gets better. Not only are your patients trying to gather information to justify their decision to have you as their dentist, they want to be able to make that case to their friends and relatives. People don’t just want to be right; they want to be SEEN to be right.

So, all this begs the question, “what information is readily available to your patients to help them justify their decision to see you?” What tools are you putting at their disposal to recommend you to others? Yes, I know you’ve got a great website that says how wonderful and clever you are. But news just in, so does every other dentist. You’re not special if you’re like everyone else. So how do I handle the challenge of putting myself ahead of the crowd?

I have Channel D in my practice.

Channel D is a collection of customized silent videos that run on a television in your reception area. The videos are designed to motivate and educate. They’re memorable, relatable, and above all, entertaining. They don’t look like anything else out there on the market, and they have your face and your team member’s faces in them. Patients are convinced I’ve personally commissioned all of these videos for their benefit. That’s special.

Don’t You be the Tool

It’s hard to brag about yourself without looking like a bit of a tool (I really hope that expression translates). It’s not hard for Channel D to brag though. We have videos that say how much CE you do (and how clever you are as a result), that highlight all the fancy bits of equipment you own, that explain all the fancy techniques you’ve learned.

So, not only do my patients think I’m special because I have something unique like Channel D in my reception room (where they can’t help but notice it). They know I’m special because Channel D has explained it to them (in a fun way that gets the message across) without me looking like a braggart.

I really can’t do Channel D justice in words. If you have a couple of minutes to spare (the videos are mostly 1-2 minutes long), go to Samples and discover for yourself. It’s free to try, in your practice, fully customised, for 30-days.

Your patients want to recommend you to their friends. Let Channel D help them do it.

By Dr. Brett Taylor