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The groundbreaking communication tool that leads to better treatment decisions.

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Channel D is not your typical dental video system. We'd rather be thought of as your avatar.

We’re basically an extension of you: your messages delivered in an engaging and human way. The use of metaphors, humor, and customizations make your patients feel like these messages are coming directly from you. Seeds are planted, minds are opened, and your patients are now ‘conversation-ready.’ It’s these conversations that lead to better treatment decisions.

It covers all your key topics

If it’s important to your practice, we have it. If we don’t, we’ll make it.

Crown as a Tooth Helmet
Crown as a Tooth Helmet
Fissure Seals
Fissure Seals
Helicopter Pocket
Helicopter Pocket
Inflammation Highway
Inflammation Highway
Like A Sweater
Like A Sweater
Missed Appointments
Missed Appointments
Original Ortho Retainer
Original Ortho Retainer
...and 184 more

It’s really, really easy to setup

Getting Channel D to stream on your TVs is as easy as playing Netflix.

Download the Channel D app in the Amazon app store
Enter your Practice ID
Press play
Download the Channel D app in the Play Store
Enter your Practice ID
Press play

Created by dentist and communications guru, Dr. Michael Sernik

After creating and running one of the world’s most popular and original patient communications courses, Dr. Sernik decided patient education itself was due for an intelligent overhaul.

Not only do the light-hearted, educational videos receive many compliments from patients, but they actually spark their interest to ask about certain procedures. The range of videos is great, with customisable options that add a more personal touch. The customer service and support is also exceptional; making every step of the process a breeze.
Alyssa Birch, Acorn Dental Centre, Armadale WA
Channel D’s videos are positive, informative, brings a smile to our patients’ faces, and works for us passively in the background the whole time. It’s a win win.
Dru Nowicki, Smiles Are Us Park Holme, Park Holme SA
"We have patients commenting on the videos everyday! They are unique, vibrant and get important messages across in a simple, yet effective way. The monthly fee I invest is well worth the returns we see as a direct result of playing these videos in our practice."
Dr. Gemma Cockburn, Chapel Street Dental & Implant Centre, Shropshire UK
For years we just had NetFlix and local TV playing in the waiting room, so when we switched to Channel D, we were afraid that our patients would miss the "more entertaining, less educational" content. We were so wrong. Our patients LOVE the fun, hilarious, and engaging graphics and videos from Channel D, and they are often eager to learn more!
Dr. Ankur Gupta, North Ridgeville Family Dentistry
Channel D is fantastic. It’s fun, it’s educational, and patients sit glued to it quite happily. I hear comments from our patients on the videos every day. It’s one of the best investments I have ever made.
Dr. Ewan Bramley, Ewan Bramley Dental Care, North Shields UK
I can't recommend Channel D and its fantastic ROI highly enough! The rolling animations and information educates patients on all sorts of topics, and often makes people realise issues they have. Most importantly, it’s a conversation starter for patient enquiries and engagement.
Dr. Simon Lee, Healthy Smile Centre, Rosebury NSW
Since incorporating Channel D, we’ve noticed patients initiate conversations about treatment on their own. Patients relate to the visual content, which uses metaphors and analogies in simple ways that are easy to understand. It has also helped our dental assistants understand the kinds of questions patients will ask, how to respond and how to continue a dental conversation. We love Channel D!
Felicity Sweet, Kingston Beach Dental
Our patients LOVE watching Channel D, and our team members get a kick out of it too! It definitely promotes team building, questions about dental services and general education. It’s a great way to promote the practice.
Gretchen Bufo, Brighton Dental Associates, Portland ME

Ask Us Anything

If our library doesn’t have a topic you’d like to see, tell us! We love user suggestions.
On average, we add 1-2 new videos every month.
A repetitive voice-over loop can be annoying and intrusive. Plus, if there was a voice-over, it wouldn’t end up being the voice of you or one of your team members, and we want to make sure Channel D always feels like it’s coming from you.
We will update your playlist at no cost.
As many as you like! We have practices running anything from 15 to 90 videos. The average length of each video is around 1 minute.
Whenever you want, and all changes will automatically sync to your TV.
About 60% of our videos will seamlessly integrate you and your team’s names and photos, as well as your practice’s logo, and other elements. We’ll ask you to upload these assets based on the videos you select.
Yes, and all for the one monthly price. You’ll just need to supply your own Amazon Fire TV Sticks or an Android SMART TVs.
Hi! I'm Jordan Sernik, product director of Channel D.
Can I run Channel D on multiple screens in my practice?
How are they customized?
How often can I update my playlist?
How many videos can I choose?
What happens if a team member leaves, or a new one joins?
Why are they silent?
How often do you make new videos?
What if I want a topic you don’t have?

So, how much does all this cost?

Our goal is to make Channel D as easy and affordable as possible. No fluff, no hidden costs, just one month-to-month fee.

  • 30-day free trial
  • Access to our 130+ video library
  • Dashboard to manage your playlist
  • Custom videos featuring you and your team
  • No contract, cancel anytime